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FreeSpace: Reunited is the overall name of a series of campaigns set 48 years after the events of FS2.


It is 2415, more than 150,400 years after the Fall of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, eighty years following the Shivan attack on Ross 128 and the start of the Great War, and forty-eight years after the end of the Second Shivan Incursion. Using Knossos-derived technology, the GTVA have finally made intersystem jumps through unstable nodes and even without using nodes, much like the Shivans did, reestablishing the link between Delta Serpentis to Sol, the birthplace of the Terrans. However, Sol turned out to be devastated for some time prior. Then, the GTVA soon faces an enemy that once destroyed humanity a long ago...


Children of Mankind

  • One 5-mission campaign


Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance

Following the GTVA's production doctrine employed between the Great War of 2335 and the NTF Rebellion and the Second Shivan Incursion of 2367, a few number of FS2-era ships are still used, although all FS1-era ships, by contrast, have been phased out. Ships in active production are determined by their age, popularity among pilots, practicality and irreplaceableness.


The Cylons are a race of sentient machines whose history and destiny were forever tied to their parents: the humans of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol who, along with the rebel Cylons, are an ancestors to the Terrans.

In the 150,000 years following the discovery of Earth and Sol, the liberated Cylons settle a planet that they informally called Cylonia.


The Cylons have employed various craft over the course of the First Cylon War, the armistice, and the ensuing 150,400 years afterwards.

Modern Cylon craft are a mixture of mechanical and organic parts, and with the inclusion of a brain in the raiders, and hybrids in the larger capital ships, they can be considered separate models in their own right.


Original concept

FreeSpace: Reunited started off as a two-man project by NFSRacer and Soren in 2010, aiming for the merging of the FreeSpace and the Battlestar Galactica universe since both series have semi-identical histories and plots. In this concept, the GTVA and the CDF (Colonial Defence Fleet) were to become allies and, in the process, form the new faction that would have named the "Coalition". As a lot of modders do, this mod would have incorporate models from other mods, as with the case of the new concept four years later, and would feature one ship FreeSpace players might recognize.

The campaign would have set shortly after the events of Capella, though the year had yet to be confirmed, with the player as FreeSpace 2's Alpha 1, fighting for the Coalition against the Cylons, but, unknown to the Coalition, an old enemy is stirring and is itching for revenge. Also, in addition to the alliance between the GTVA and CDF, they would have developed plans for an even more ambitious idea than the GTVA Colossus: the first super-juggernaut (currently classed as the Goliath) that combines the GTVA's Colossus-class juggernaut design with that of the CDF's Prometheus-Class battlestar.

The concept has not come into fruition, however, until Bryan See made a radically new concept in August 2013, not before plagued with false starts, including problems caused by the mod and the decision to wait until after the next release of the MediaVPs.

New concept

FreeSpace: Reunited drew into attention in January 2014. However, the concept is radically different: instead of the GTVA allying with the CDF, as the heritages of the Colonial government and its civilisation are destroyed some more than 150,000 years ago, the GTVA finds itself battling with the Cylons. However, The E and General Balutta wanted a 5-mission demo or mini-campaign to be ship in order to get the people excited about the project and start working on it.


Project Staff

  • Bryan See
Project lead

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