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Welcome to the FreeSpace Universe Portal. Though presently unfinished, the FS Universe Portal will come to be the central hub of all information related to the in-game universe on the FS Wiki. Please help expand this portal by editing and adding to pages linked from it.

This page will give you a general overview of the FreeSpace universe. For details, browse the FreeSpace Universe category or pick a topic from the right-side window.

The FreeSpace universe is a fictional continuation of human history as they spread their globalized culture and interact with two alien species. Canon events range from 2335 until 2367, with heavy emphasis on these two dates.

In 2335, the Terrans (as humans are called in FreeSpace) and the Vasudans had been at war for fourteen years when a third species, the Shivans, entered with their superior technologies. The two species put aside their differences to combat this new threat. This conflict is known as the Great War. The antagonistic Shivans were defeated; however, not only was the Vasudan homeworld obliterated, contact with Earth was also severed.

Shortly after the events of the first game, a rebellion known as the Hades Rebellion takes place. A rogue element of Galactic Terran Intelligence constructed a massive warship, the GTD Hades, with Shivan weaponry. The rebellion ultimately ends with the destruction of the Hades. The official expansion of Conflict: FreeSpace, Silent Threat, catalogues this rebellion.

The period between 2335 and 2367 is called the Reconstruction. In this period, the Terrans and Vasudans rebuild their ravaged worlds and form an alliance called the Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance (or GTVA). Eighteen months before the events of FreeSpace 2, a military coup led by Admiral Aken Bosch takes place and threatens the integrity of the GTVA.

FreeSpace 2 deals with the last weeks of the rebellion (called the Neo-Terran Front or NTF) and tells the story of the Shivans' return. This event is not canonically named. It's usually referred to as the Second Shivan Incursion or the Second Great War. The NTF is ultimately defeated but the Shivans muster a seemingly invincible fleet in the Capella system. The GTVA fleets do not stand a chance, and they destroy the two subspace nodes that lead out of the Capella system and severe the Shivan armada from the rest of the known galaxy.

There is no canon information about the events happened after that. The FreeSpace community refers to this era as the Post-Capella Era.

The galaxy

The FreeSpace galaxy consists of numerous star systems, most of them are based on real-life astronomical observations. The FreeSpace galaxy is best observed through the official galaxy map released by Volition. Travel between these star systems is realized through the use of subspace. Ships can enter subspace through fixed-position jump nodes. It is not clear how much time it takes to travel from one system to another through subspace; the only ambiguous source is the last mission of Conflict:FreeSpace, where the player has 10 minutes to complete the mission before the SD Lucifer would enter Sol through the Delta Serpentis-Sol jump node.

FreeSpace canon

FreeSpace continuity consists of four sources: the two games, the FreeSpace Reference Bible, and Silent Threat. There are a few inconsistencies in the official continuity, the most famous ones are jump node inconsistencies.