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Installing unshield
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Note: Redhat, Slackware and all the other distributions should have their instructions on installing unshield added here, if your distribution is not listed below and you are familiar with how to install unshield on it, please add it to this section.

unshield is a tool used to extract InstallShield Cabinet Files, this is the type of compression format used on files on the FreeSpace 2 CDs.

Debian/Ubuntu users want to:

$ apt-get install unshield

Gentoo users want to:

$ emerge -a unshield

Archlinux users want to:

$ pacman -Sy unshield

Fedora Core 6 (Zod) (And most likely Redhat) users want to:

$ yum install unshield

Mandriva users want to:

$ urpmi unshield

Novell SuSE users install unshield via YaST.