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All information related to the GTDr 3301 is non-canon.
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The GTDr 3301 is a reskin of the Terran Probe with an added turret.

GTDr Phidias


Tech Room Description

Introduced as a smaller and cheaper cousin of the Phidias, the GTDr 3301's role is very specialized. When the job is too dangerous for a Terran or too small for the Phidias, the 3301s are deployed. Although slightly newer than the original Phidias model, the 3301 is far less advanced and considerably less adaptable. These drones contain only the most basic features and are usually teamed up with Terran construction workers or heavier equipments to assist them in their task. In systems where Phidias drones may not be seen, chances are that there will be 3301s instead.

Developer Notes

It was named after Hard Light user SDM's sample Tech Description of the GTDr Phidias.

Credits List

  • Texturing and Tabling by MjnMixael



Name GTDr 3301
Type Drone
Max Velocity 45 ms-1
Armor Light
Hitpoints 100 pts
Length 14 m
Turrets 1 turrets


Between the Ashes
Turret Type Amount
Repair Beam 1

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