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The design of the GTF Valkyrie interceptor was based upon the Angel Scout Fighter.
This article is for canon information related to the Angel Scout Fighter. For the non-canon incarnations of the Angel, see GTF Angel (non-canon).

The GTF Angel was a Terran scout fighter used during the Terran-Vasudan War. Although retired by the time of the Great War, the design of the highly successful GTF Valkyrie interceptor was based upon the Angel. Although the canon appearance of the Angel has not been revealed, the community has made several attempts to create a model for the fighter.


FreeSpace 1

An "Angel scout fighter" was named in the Command Briefing of the mission Avenging Angels (sm1-04a.fsm). The relevant text from the Command Briefing is shown here.

New Technology: Valkyrie Interceptor
The Galatea has received a full complement of the new Valkyrie Interceptor Fighters.
Some of you may remember the Angel Scout Fighter. It has been completely modified and fitted with two additional engines, making it the fastest fighter in the fleet. It has been re-designated the Valkyrie. It should enable you to make short work of enemy fighters.

GTF Valkyrie description

The Valkyrie's tech description provides some information on the specifics of the Angel. However, aside from the fact that the Angel had two engines and two guns in contrast to the Valkyrie's four, no further data is known about the specifications of the ship.

Using the old GTF Angel Scout Fighter as a template, the GTA created the Valkyrie Interceptor Fighter. It has two additional engines, as well as an additional set of primary hardpoints. This makes the Valkyrie the best bomber interceptor in the fleet. Its speed is unmatched in the GTA, and its maneuverability is above average. Its only drawbacks are a small secondary payload and weak hull.

FS1 Reference Bible

Another possible reference to the Angel can be found in the FreeSpace Reference Bible, in the Valkyrie Ship Specs, referring to it (contrary to other sources) as a space superiority fighter. It is to be noted that the information was likely written before the release of the game and may therefore be outdated.

Originally an old design for a space superiority fighter, this fighter was outfitted with bigger engines, and turned into an interceptor...