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GTM-1 Synaptic Bomb


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 1


Weapon Comparison Table, FS 2

The GTM-1 Synaptic Bomb

Tech Room Data

Missile propulsion unit carrying several small intelligent "bomblets" - when distance to target is less than 100 m or when time to impact is less than 2 sec., bomblets direct missile to the most vulnerable part of the ship of those parts of the ship facing the missile - bomblets then separate from missile propulsion unit and form a sphere - inertia continues to carry bomblets in the direction of the target - the missile propulsion unit continues to advance toward the target - when the missile hits the target or 1.5 sec. after the missile should have hit the target, the bomblets explode - the spherical shape of the formation of the bomblets helps to ensure a fairly even level of damage across a sensitive area on the target - the spherical shape also ensures that the target will not be able to effectively maneuver away from the blast, thus "pinning" the target to a specific area in space - can also act as dumbfire - medium payload per bomblet (15 Kt) - very small payload for missile (2 Kt).

Nicknamed the "Earthshaker" by the bomber pilots who tested this, it is a bombers best defense against fighters. The Synaptic Bomb can do a lot of damage to a lot of ships at one time.



Range 225 m
Reload time 5.0 s
Velocity 90 ms-1
Base Damage 60
Armor Damage Full 60
Shield Damage Good 45
Subsystem Damage Full 60
Shockwave Radius 50 / 100 m
Type: Dumbfire
View Cone: N / A
Minimum Lock Time: N / A
Turn Rate (360 degrees): N / A

Spawned warheads

Range 1 050 m
Reload time 0.0 s
Velocity 175 ms-1
Base Damage 35
Armor Damage Full 35
Shield Damage Full 35
Subsystem Damage Average 17.5
Shockwave Radius 0 m
Type: Heat Seeking
View Cone: 180 degrees
Minimum Lock Time: N / A
Turn Rate (360 degrees): 1.5 s


  • Weapon can be shot down (Bomb)
  • Weapon spawns 15 smaller warheads

Veteran Comments

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Generally the shockwave seems to wash over enemy interceptors' sheilds, and the bomblets rarely hit their marks, so load up on GTM Hornets or GTM Interceptors instead, or just put in another bank of bombs.

I don't like it. The bomblets hardly ever hit their target, and that's pretty much the whole purpose of it.

The Synaptic's nickname "Earthshaker" is most probably a reference to the Earthshaker Missile from Descent II, which Volition developed at around the same time as Descent: FreeSpace. Both missiles even look somewhat similar—big head, thin body and prominent thrusters.