GVD Memphis

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GVD Memphis
Class: GVD Hatshepsut (conjecture)
First Appearance: Straight, No Chaser (mentioned only)
In Service: Second Shivan Incursion
Faction: Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance

The GVD Memphis was a Vasudan destroyer that played a minor part in the Second Great War. After the destruction of the GVD Psamtik by the unexpected emergence of a second Sathanas juggernaut in the nebular theater, surviving pilots were transferred to the Memphis. These pilots later oversaw the safe withdrawal of the GTD Aquitaine from the nebula.

While the Memphis is never physically seen in-game, it has the same main hall as the Psamtik, suggesting that, like the Psamtik, it is also a Hatshepsut-class destroyer.