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All information related to the GVI Abydos is non-canon.
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The GVI Abydos


Tech Room Description: FS1 Era

The PVI Abydos is a smaller class of Vasudan space station that appears to be related in some manner to the much larger Karnak Class. Despite measuring less than 350m in diameter, the Abydos is remarkably well armed, with twelve anti-fighter plasma turrets arranged around its external ring, and a single, powerful anti-capital turret at the base of its central core. This asymmetric weapon arrangement, and the lack of a fighterbay, leaves the station vulnerable to cruiser assault, and as such they are rarely left unguarded by the PVN.

Tech Room Description: FS2 Era

The GVI Abydos is a small, multi-purpose Vasudan installation with a diverse history of service dating back to the Terran-Vasudan war. Originally developed for deployment in high-risk contested systems, the Abydos soon proved remarkably versatile, and, following the end of the Great War, was re-purposed for both civilian and military use, most famously as dormitory stations in the immediate aftermath of the destruction of Vasuda Prime.

Today, the Abydos is deployed in a number of roles, both civilian and military. The more far more common civilian stations are restricted to plasma weapons, and many are entirely disarmed, while modern combat-equipped variants of the station utilize a unique single burst anti-fighter beam, which produces a high intensity, low duration plasma beam to accommodate the aging reactors limited ability to maintain the high power requirements of more typical multi-shot weapons of this sort. However, these variants are becoming rarer as the Vasudans begin the slow process of replacing many of the aging Abydos with more modern and more capable Memphis-class stations.


  • Model and Texture by Black Wolf

Designer's Comments

The Abydos is designed to fill the empty light station niche for the Vasudans - it's basically a slightly smaller equivalent to something like the GTI Asteria. It also takes a lot of design cues from the PVI Karnak, in case that wasn't immediately obvious.



Name GVI Abydos
Type Space Station
Hitpoints 45 000 pts
Length 327 m
Width 348 m
Height 160 m
Turrets 13 turrets


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