Gemenon Freighter

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The following information relates to the fan-made FS2_Open game Diaspora, based on the Battlestar Galactica universe.
A Gemenon Freighter.


Diaspora Tech Room Description

Freighters such as the Gemenon class provide transportation for commodities between worlds, ensuring that commerce within the Twelve Colonies is maintained. Companies such as the Gemini Freight Corporation primarily use this ship to transport manufactured and luxury goods, shipping them to the outer colonies such as Sagittaron, Gemenon, and Tauron.

Credits List

  • Model and textures by Lt.Cannonfodder.



Name Gemenon Freighter
Type Freighter
Max Velocity 30 ms-1
Hitpoints 40 000 pts
Length 443.6 m
Turrets 0 turrets



Gemenon Freight Container 1.
Name Gemenon Freight Container 1
Hitpoints 1 600 pts
Length 98.7 m


Gemenon Freight Container 2.
Name Gemenon Freight Container 2
Hitpoints 1 600 pts
Length 98.7 m

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