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Aside from the cutscene known as "Hallfight" from its filename, there is almost no mention of ground combat in the FreeSpace universe. Hallfight forces a few common-sense conclusions on the nature of GTA weaponry, namely that it really can't be traditional guns based on its caliber and the sort of noise it makes. Beyond that, extremely little is known about weapons and tactics of FreeSpace-era ground combat, though it is frequently pointed out that most FreeSpace fighter missile weapons are equivalent to modern tactical nuclear weapons and so probably unsuited for atmospheric use.

There are only three canon references to ground warfare in the FreeSpace universe:

  • There is a Descent: FreeSpace multiplayer mission where the player attacks a Hammer of Light marine convoy.
  • In the FS2 multiplayer mission Rebel Intercept, the player bombs NTF vessels attempting to reinforce ground troops fighting in Sirius.
  • In the FRED2 Extended Walkthrough mission, NTF marines in Argo transports attempt to commandeer the GTD Relentless, an Orion-class destroyer.