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The Inferno mod contains a number of completely new designations, prefixes and such. This article contains most of those designations.

Please note that "x" replaces any specific designation, such as "-F"(Fighter), "-D" (Destroyer), "GT-" (Galactic Terran) and so on.

Faction prefixes

Earth Alliance

  • EAx

Earther Federation

  • EFx

Hammer of Light

  • HLx

(designation taken from canon sources)

Jovian Coalition

  • JCx

Jovian Navy

  • JNx

Martian Republic

  • MRx

Mobius Loop

  • MLx

Plutonian Confederation

  • PCx

Venusian Mercenary

  • VMx

Ship designations


  • xCa

Ship of any size whose primary purpose is to carry fightercraft, whether directly into combat or standing off and lending fightercraft support to ongoing operations as needed.

- EACa Auriga
- EACa Telemus
- GVCa Tanen
- SCa Shiamak

Defense Installation

  • xDI

Small but considerably armed installations, those platforms are usually deployed in groups near key outposts or jump nodes to guard them from incoming hostiles.

- GTDI Titan


  • xDn

Generally understood to be a destroyer-sized craft, but built for the sole purpose of ship-to-ship combat and lacking a fighterbay or supporting a very limited number of fighters purely for self-defense. The name Dreadnought is oftentimes spelled Dreadnaught.

- SODn Solaris


  • xFg

Semi-canonical ship class, both the Hippocrates and the Iceni have been referred to as frigates; the normally accepted role of a frigate is that of a pocket destroyer, lacking a fighterbay and fighter support facilities/crews enabling the ship to be shrunk down to only slightly bigger than a corvette.

- SFg Damini


  • xH

Even larger than the Super-Juggernaut, the Hive is a massive ship used only by the Shivans, hence the name "Hive", that refers to the Hive Theory. A few screenshots proved that in an eventual encounter between the Icanus the sole ship that represents the Hive class, the Gargant, the TSJ would fall quickly to the massive Shivan weapons while the Icanus would only inflict very limited damage. The Hive is even more "plot tool" than any Super-Juggernaut.

- SH Gargant

Planet Destroyer

  • xPD

This is a juggernaut-sized ship specificately tasked to destroy planets, as the name suggests. It is equipped with Lucifer-type sheathe shields, effectively used to protect the hull from the explosion of a planet.

- SPD Vinaashak


  • xSJ

Equivalent of an entire armada of ships, the Super-Juggernaut is an almost invincible weapon. They're armed with huge anti-fleet cannons and moderately defended against bomber attacks; their main defense is sheer size and damage-absorbative potentional. Ships of this size are often referred to as "plot tools" rather than actual ships, as a single fightercraft cannot reasonably be expected to do them noticeable harm.

- SSJ Gigas
- TSJ Icanus