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53rd Hammerheads

Squadron insignias, implemented in FreeSpace 2, are insignia painted on the side of a fighter to represent squadrons. There are 22 squadron insignia images in FreeSpace 2, most used for multiplayer pilot customization.


  • Squadron insignias are 256-color PCX images, sized 128x128. Green (RGB 0, 255, 0) represents transparency.
  • Recently, squadron insignias can be 16-bit or 32-bit DDS images. Alpha channels represent transparency. [Verification needed]
  • New insignias are to be placed in /players/squads.
  • Insignia locations are determined by each model file (.pof).
  • From a mission design perspective, squadron reassignment is done in the Mission Specs Editor (SHIFT-N), in the "Squadron reassign" section. If this section is left blank, the player will remain in the previously set squadron. The player must be playing in campaign mode for squadron reassignment to take place.

Canon squadron insignias

  • 242suicide.pcx (242nd Suicide Kings)
  • 77th.pcx
  • barracudas.pcx (134th Barracudas)
  • DaBombInsig.pcx (43rd Da Bomb) (does not appear in the canon campaign)
  • deathsquad.pcx (unnamed squadron)
  • hammer1.pcx (53rd Hammerheads)
  • jollyroger.pcx (unnamed squadron)
  • lion1.pcx (70th Blue Lions)
  • raptors.pcx (64th Raptors)
  • ravens.pcx (107th Ravens)
  • rgrdgr1.pcx (unnamed squadron)
  • rgrdgr2.pcx (unnamed squadron)
  • scorpsquada.pcx
  • scorpsquadb.pcx
  • scorpsquadc.pcx
  • scorpsquadd.pcx
  • sheepsquad.pcx (unnamed squadron)
  • skullsquada.pcx (109th squadron)
  • tsusquad.pcx (unnamed squadron)
  • vasudan1.pcx (203rd Scorpions)
  • volsquad.pcx (logo of Volition) (squadron's canonicity dubious—possibly intended for multiplayer only)