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Just Another Day Original Trilogy Characters

Major Characters

Alpha 1

  • Name: Unknown
  • Sex: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Birthday: Unknown
  • Rank: Hero of the Universe
  • Appears in: Just Another Day, Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo, Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane, Just Another Day Christmas Special

There have been many Alpha 1s in the course of history, the one that saved the GTA and PVN from the Shivans, the one that stopped the GTI rebellion, the one that fought valiantly during the Second Shivan Incursion, but this one takes the cake. Exploring new dimensions, fighting the fight against spam, conquering god-like entities, escorting expert paint, becoming an undercover agent to draw out an assassination attempt of the President of the GTVA, conquering a god-like entity a second time. Its easy to see why this Alpha 1 is the best Alpha 1 OF ALL TIME.

Scientists are at a loss on why Alpha 1 is so damn awesome. Nothing is able to faze Alpha 1, he possesses the unheard immunity to disco music and even extreme absurdity fields. It may be because of Alpha 1's near-zero fourth wall level field. In any case, it is safe to say that as long as Alpha 1 is around, nothing bad will happen to our happy little universe.

Oddly enough, no one has ever asked for his name.


  • Name: FRED
  • Sex: FRED
  • Age: Ageless
  • Birthday: Everyday
  • Appears in: Just Another Day, Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo, Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane, Just Another Day Christmas Special


FRED is supposedly the one who created the universe. Just this universe anyway, but that's still pretty cool when you think about it. FRED has been trying his hardest to come up with the best darn story the universe has ever seen! However some annoying pilot named Alpha 1 kept getting in his way. Not to mention that the standards keep rising as time goes on, how can a God deal with all of this?

FRED loves disco music, plotholes and destroying annoying pilots who dare question him. He is a master of disguise, appearing as a perfect copy as Admiral Bosch, Bosch II, Bosch A, Bosch B and even Boschy McBoschBosch. Sadly though he only came in 3rd in a Bosch look a like contest.

Terran Command

  • Name: Terran Command
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 55.5 and a half
  • Birthday: January 2nd
  • Appears in: Just Another Day, Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo, Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane, Just Another Day Christmas Special

Terran Command is the guy who manages the vast operations of war. From telling Alpha 1 to destroy those bombers, to telling Alpha 1 to take out the beam turrets on that destroyer. Terran Command has been criticized for his silly plans, however you must remember that he is Command, not a Planner. Go see Terran Planner if you want your plans. In any case, Terran Command is a true hero. Nothing else could be said about him.

President Derek Smart

  • Name: Derek Smart Derek Smart Derek Smart
  • Sex: Derek
  • Age: Smart
  • Birthday: We don't know, you should be bringing him presents every day just in case.
  • Appears in: Just Another Day

President and Supreme Commander of the GTVA

After Alpha 1 returns back home from the Knossos in Just Another Day, he is informed that the GTVA has a new president, Derek Smart. Alpha 1 was so devastated that he did not get to vote and proclaimed there is no god (he takes democracy VERY seriously). In Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo, President Smart has ordered the construction of the Colossal Galactic Terran Vasudan Alliance GTVA Colossus 3000. Alpha 1 was instrumental in protecting the paint for this endeavor.

President Smart survived an assassination attempt, by the same Alpha 1, by sending his body double, Not Derek Smart, on the GTVA Colossus 3000. The plan was a success, Alpha 1 thought he killed the real Derek Smart and went back to being a good little pilot.

Minor Characters

GTD Sasquatch Captain

  • Appears in: Just Another Day

The nameless captain of the GTD Sasquatch, a Hecate-class destroyer. He gives Alpha 1 his first assignment, explore a mysterious Knossos.

GTD harbringer Captain

  • Appears in: Just Another Day

The nameless captain of the GTD harbringer, a Hades-class destroyer. After his great feat at killing Bosch's clone, he gets promoted to captain the GTVA Colossus X-2.

Admiral Bosch's Clone

  • Appears in: Just Another Day

Leader of the Neo Neo Terran Front and engineer of the Enormous Trap Automated Mailer, or ETAM. This huge influx of spam forced the GTVA to use military force to stop Admiral Bosch's Clone.

General R. Redundant

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

General of the 8th Galactic Terran Vasudan Fleet, the GTVA 8th Fleet. He was filling in for Commander Ko Mander who couldn't make it to a command briefing, because Commander Ko Mander was couldn't make it to the command briefing.

Commander Ko Mander

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

He couldn't make it to the first command briefing, but he makes it to the normal briefing. Has a bit of a drinking problem.

Commander Red Nammoc

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

Fills in for Commander Ko Mander, who goes to an AA meeting.

Noob Squad

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo, Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1
  • Consists of: Spammer, Troll, Incomprehensible, Clueless and Lurker

A collection of new rag tag pilots that Terran Command found off the street. They all say they are very quick learners (well Lurker didn't, but it was implied). At this rate they should surpass Alpha 1 in the coming weeks!

Not Derek Smart

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

President Derek Smart's body double that is sent to make Alpha 1 think that the real Derek Smart was killed. However while FRED spoils the surprise, Alpha 1 doesn't really care.

The Volition Bravos

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2: Electric Boogaloo, Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane

The creators of FreeSpace! Alpha 1 calls them in help him deal with FRED. The Bravos guide Alpha 1 to FRED's many weakpoints. They also inform Alpha 1 how to win the time loop ridden campaign.

Terran Frakking Command

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane

Terran Frakking Command doesn't take no frakking guff from no frakking body. While frakking Terran Command goes on frakking vacation, Terran Frakking Command has to frakking come in and frakking make sure that frakking Alpha 1 has the right frakking orders to frakking win.

Jack Thompson Esq

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane

A prosecutor for the GTVA, he has been given the cases against Alpha 1. He has vowed to put a stop to these Space Murder Simulators. Think of it, when you kill an Orion, you've just MURDERED 10,000 PEOPLE. He has four weaknesses: Rap, Disco, Video Games, and Death.

Admiral Basudan

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane

Leader of the Neo Vasudan Front Fleet which uses Terran Ships for some reason. Admiral Basudan has a malfunctioning translator, so it can be difficult to understand him. He has pioneered the technology for ships to combine to make bigger ships.

Knights of No

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane

The ancient group of people fighting Ye Lawful Good Olde Republic. They attempted to take control of the Demon Lobster by taking the Nav Beacon of +4 Beeping. However after Alpha 1 took it first, they summoned the great Colossal Titan. They were subsequently sacked.

Demon Lobster

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 3: Shivans on a Plane

After Alpha 1 was sent into the past, he needed a way to get back. Luckily, the Demon Lobster created a portal for him. Alpha 1 said he would return one day, but he never did. After waiting 40,000 years, the Demon Lobster set on a quest to find this Alpha 1 and glass his homeworld. However he got a bit lost, who knows if he ever got there.


Just Another Day 2.2 Series Characters

Main Characters

Gamma 1 (Holley)

Great Genki Girl

  • Name: Holley R. Mackerel
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 17 (though mentally is another question)
  • Birthday: May 12
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Parents: Mervin and Rica Mackerel
  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1

(TL Note: Genki means energetic)

Holley is one of the newer pilots to the FRED Knossos Super Defense Force. While quite young, she shows great aptitude in piloting experiemental fighter craft with weapons capable of obiliterating anything in its path. Due to her parent's work, she has spent a lot of time in fighter simulators, possibly explaining her skill as a pilot. She has completed countless simulation campaigns, from the so-called Volition Canon to Campaign_List.

On the outside, Holley can appear to be self-centered, short tempered, almost no patience, and probably a bit spoiled. And on the inside, its probably the same deal. Luckily her short attention span causes Holley to revert to her normal, extremely impressionable self within a few minutes.

Holley's dreams are to become the best fighter pilot, win the respect of her father, and declare her undying love to Alpha 1, in that order. It's the path to Best End according to her. In her spare time, Holley likes to be lazy, watch holovision shows, do nothing, talk to random people over the holonet, and occasionally beat up interstellar demigods. A busy life to say the least.

Holley's favourite food is Apple Ice Cream Cake.

Delta 1

Dashingly Daring Dogfighter

  • Name: Unassigned
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: July 1
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Parents: Delta 1's Father* and Delta 1's Mother*
  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1

Delta 1 is the newest fighter pilot to hit the scene. After defeating a Beta Tester and signing a huge contract deal, Delta 1 has rocketed to stardom. Delta 1 has been training for this role all his life. His parents put him through such prestigous schools as the Space Hollywood Academy. However he was forced to leave his schooling when his father was thrown out of the Campaign Actor's Union for working on non-union campaigns. The fact that the campaigns were bombs didn't help matters either.

But this did not stop Delta 1, his entire extended family was in the Campaign Acting business and he wasn't going to let it die with him. He took any job to start his rise to the top. From playing silent background transport captains to pirate pilots being hired by Shivans (all under pseudonyms of course), the path was rough and bumpy. He finally hit his big break when some shady men in trenchcoats offered him a contract that offered to put him to the top.

Ever since rising to the top, Delta 1 isn't afraid to use his connections to get anything he wants (Anything except getting a real name, there's very strict laws governing those). His aggressive style doesn't always put him on the best page with fellow pilots, they sometimes accuse him of stealing their kills. Still, he gets results.

Delta 1's supposedly good looks win him the adoration of his 12-20 female demographic and the jealousy of his 25-65 male demographic.

Note: * - Names were revoked by the GTVA Bureau of Names and Designations

Epsilon 1

Generically Generic... Guy

  • Name: John Epsilon Smith
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: January 1
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Parents: Probably
  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1

There's not too much to be said about Epsilon 1. There was a bad hard drive crash at the GTVA Human Resources database and all information was lost on him. No one has gone back to ask him for his information yet, so most of this information is based on guesswork.

Based on this GTVA-wide totally voluntary pilot survey, we can say that Epsilon is an aggressive go get em kind of guy. Doesn't let anyone boss him around and always has control of the situation. His hobbies include wild outdoor adventures, surfing on volcanos and hunting the most dangerous animal of all... human-vasudan hybrids. How Epsilon 1 manages to stay fit is no easy task. His diet of raw meat and raw eggs ensures that he stays buff to fight any hyperspace lifeform that tries to steal his many girlfriends purses.

However another survey done on his wingmen say that he's the most boring and generic pilot they've ever met. The truth may be half way in this case.

Merv Mackerel

Continously Competent Commander

  • Name: Mervin Mackerel
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 42
  • Birthday: March 27
  • Rank: Colonel
  • Spouse: Rica (MIA)
  • Children: Holley
  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1

Colonel Merv Mackerel is the commanding officer for the FRED Knossos Joint Special Defense Force, as appointed by the [REDACTED] council. His unconventional tactics, such as sending fighter craft in a manner that they come back alive, saw him rise through the ranks and join a number of classified projects. He seems to have access to an alarming amount of resources, quite unsual for just a simple colonel.

Merv typically stays at the FKJDSF HQ unless he is called away for URGENT BUSINESS. He's not the most strict commander, but he expects his pilots to be capable and professional at all times. For an elite force that is supposed to protect the entire universe from certain doom, this is harder than it sounds.

Some have raised their eyebrows at Merv appointing his own daughter to be part of the FKJSDF, but the results have spoken for themselves. The concern now is just how far can Merv control his daughter.

Merv enjoys listening to smooth jazz.

Minor Characters

Sandra Obvious

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1

Lieutenant Commander Sandra Obvious is one of the officers in the FKJSDF HQ CNC (which stands for FRED Knossos Joint Super Defense Force Headquarter Command aNd Control). When something happens, she is sure to report it to everyone. Pilots may miss valuable information if it were not for her messages.

Many of her duties are shared with GTVA Command, but since these are highly super duper classified operations, he has better things to do.

Friend Wing

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1
  • Consists of: Meddy 'Purple' Myers, Sherry 'Pink' Robinson and Harriet 'Cyan' Anderson

These three are Holley's bestest friends in the whole wide world. When she isn't saving the universe, watching holovision, or causing trouble, she's probably with these three.

Scrooge Lemongrass

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1

Owns the only market in the system where the FRED Knossos is. Because of this, she can charge whatever she likes for anything at all!

Admiral Ramsay

  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1

After hearing Chief Chef's call to make enough tacos to defeat the Taco Menace, Admiral Gordon Ramsay came to help. After the tacos were made, he took command of an Aeolus cruiser to assist Holley in making sure that the Taco Menace would be shut down.


  • Appears in: [REDACTED]


Third Beta Tester

Boisterious Beam Berserker

  • Played by: Tomo Takino
  • Ship Class: Modified SB Seraphim
  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1

FRED hired the Third to help him come up with new beam ideas. The Third graciously accepted and designed the standard beams that eventually all the Beta Testers used on their ships. The Third has a certain like for beam based weaponry. His use of capital letters seems to indicate that he is so cool, he can be on cruise control all the time.

Fourth Beta Tester

Passively Pandering Partner

  • Played by: Sader
  • Ship Class: Modified SC Cain
  • Loves: Good ideas. :)
  • Campaign Idea: Maybe something where stuff happens. And then stuff blows up? Not too hard, and not too easy. Should have a good feel to it.
  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1

The Fourth came to FRED's attention when he said he had lots of good ideas. Liking good ideas, FRED hired the Fourth on to come up with good ideas. Sadly most of the ideas the Fourth had come up with were already being used. Some unused ideas were Taste Hud Gauges, Prone Position Stances and a checkpoint system like the one they used in Blue Planet. Reponses were: No, WTF, and Blue What? The Fourth also liked the Third's beam weapon ideas so much that he asked for them on his ship. FRED said whatever.

Fifth Beta Tester

Hazardous Harping Hambeast

  • Played by: Fatson
  • Ship Class: Modified Shivan Comm Node
  • Loves: We're not sure.
  • Campaign Idea: Anything NOT STUPID.
  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1

FRED didn't need to find the Fifth, the Fifth found him. The Fifth made sure FRED knew all about his equisite taste in storylines and gameplay. FRED eventually hired him so he would stop bugging him. However the Fifth was only getting started. The Fifth really liked the start of everything, but he didn't like the direction FRED was going in now. After repeated complaints, FRED responded by feeding stuffing him full of tacos so he would shut up.

Sixth Beta Tester

Frantically Friending Frenemy

  • Played by: Kaoru Yamazaki
  • Ship Class: Modified SD Vassago + Befriendinator
  • Loves: Friendship, magic girls, comic books
  • Campaign Idea: A very handsome man gives a poor down to earth girl magic powers to save the world. From Shivans. And then the magical girl falls in love with the very handsome man and they live happily ever after and then they-
  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1

The Sixth would have been the first one to join FRED, but he was afraid that FRED would say no and probably make fun of him over the holonet. Finally after days of coaching himself and writing a huge 10 page essay on why he would be a darn good Beta Tester, FRED responded with 'Sure, why not.' The Sixth worked hard to test FRED's work, but never actually reported back. The Sixth thought that FRED might take his critiques the wrong way and just hid in the Fonzarelli system. Because who goes there?

Seventh Beta Tester

Distributed Denial Demon

  • Played by: Cylon No. 1978
  • Ship Class: Modified SC Lilith + SC Asura
  • Loves: Computers, technology, new features
  • Campaign Idea: Lost Due to Data Corruption
  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1

The Seventh Beta Tester was originally a coder who was looking for something to do in his spare time. He even coded in this neat Mirror Shield feature. Since none of the other Beta Testers were doing much, all the work piled up to him. So the Seventh created an Artifical Intelligence Construct where he could plug himself into so he could beta test 10000 times as fast. But then a power surge caused him to go mad. The lesson from this is to get a good power surge protector. It's not rocket science.

Eighth Beta Tester

? ? ?

  • Played by: Some shadowy figure
  • Ship Class: Assorted Shivan Capital Ships
  • Loves: Unknown
  • Campaign Idea: Unknown
  • Appears in: Just Another Day 2.21: You Are (Not) Alpha 1

We don't know anything about him because Just Another Day 2.21 ended too soon!