LSF Skirmisher

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LSF Skirmisher


Wings of Dawn Tech Room Description

The Skirmisher is a frigate-sized vessel with an impressive number of forward phaser and missile banks. Designed with the lessons learned from the Terran-Cyrvan war in mind, the Skirmisher can concentrate firepower to punch through the shielding of enemy targets. While having been in service for over thirty years, the Skirmisher class has not seen much action. At 294 meters, the Skirmisher falls solidly within the frigate size range, but it is often regarded and deployed as a destroyer due to its impressive firepower. The Skirmisher usually has a crew of around 45 people.

The reflective armor fitted on the Skirmisher is effective at absorbing hits from energy-based weapons, but is considerably less durable against solid projectiles.

Credits List

  • Model by Spoon



Name LSF Skirmisher
Type Frigate
Max Velocity 30 ms-1
Armor Reflective Armor
Hitpoints 40 000 pts
Shields 5500 pts
Length 294 m
Turrets 21 turrets


Default Statistics
Turret type Amount
LSF Front Phaser 8
PD 3
Skirmisher 10

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