SC Hellions

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Class: 1 SC Cain
1 SC Lilith
First Appearance: La Ruota della Fortuna
In Service: Great War
Faction: Shivans
Fate: Destroyed in 2335 by GTD Galatea

The SC Hellions was a pair of Shivan cruisers, one an SC Cain and the other an SC Lilith-class cruiser, which were designated as the Hellions. The Hellions attacked a Hammer of Light base in either Antares or Beta Aquilae (the mission briefing contradicts the debriefing in regards to the location of the base), and then attacked the Galatea when she arrived to reinforce the attack team that was meant to attack the HoL base. The Galatea, accompanied by its fighter wings, managed to destroy both cruisers.