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The following information has not been confirmed by Volition and is therefore not canon for the FreeSpace universe.
Cruising near a debris field
A pair of Zeus bombers in attack formation.
An abandoned cargo depot.

Mefistofele is the demo campaign by the Between the Ashes team that sets up the main campaign Slaves of Chaos. It was released on 29 June 2012.


The day is July 25, 2336. Sixteen months have passed since the Lucifer was destroyed, mysteriously locking the Sol system away. It's barely been thirteen months since the Hades superdestroyer was destroyed in orbit of Deneb, and the rogue GTI reduced to silence. There are many wounds to lick for the GTA, as the weakened fleet struggles to maintain order in its systems. Although the cease-fire treaty with their new Vasudan allies is still holding, the PVE is still busy dealing with the terrorist HoL faction.

Now is our chance to get past them. We no longer need to so carefully hide. Now we can make our deal with the devil.


The Gulnara Heist

As part of a smuggling heist team, infiltrate Gulnara Research Outpost and steal several valuable Vasudan Artifacts for an unknown client.

Shell Game

The artifacts were lost in transit. You are being sent it to recover the cargo containing them and to escort it to the final rendezvous point.

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