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Future Stuff for 1.1

- 23 cell girder for Mjnmixael. DONE
- Better integration of the cargo platform into the system, give it some head on and side on dockpoints to attach girders, remove the tabs on the sides so that they can dock next to each other. DONEISH - SHAPE IS WRONG FOR SIDE ON, BUT HEAD ON IS FINE.
- Change the size of the umbilical so it's a standard length, probably 44m, add a 10m joiner and a 10x10 90 degree bend. DONE, PLUS ADDED DUPLICATE DOCKS FOR THREE WAY BENDS.
- Remap the landing pad to a new texture for the pad part, so it can be more easily changed. DONE

Stuff for 2.0

- 45 degree girder bends, possibly 30 degree as well.
- Better habitation pods of some kind.
- Investigate hoses for Goober.