NTC Trinity

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NTC Trinity
Class: GTC Fenris
First Appearance: Mystery of the Trinity
In Service: NTF Rebellion
Second Shivan Incursion
Faction: Neo-Terran Front
Commander: Captain Arthur Roemig
Fate: Destroyed by Shivans

The NTC Trinity was a Fenris-class cruiser, commanded by Captain Arthur Roemig. It defected to the service of the Neo-Terran Front in 2367. Ten days later, the vessel was discovered, disabled and damaged, by a fighter patrol from the GTD Aquitaine, consisting of the 107th Ravens fighter squadron. The vessel had become the first Terran vessel to pass through the Knossos portal in Gamma Draconis after activating the portal using the findings of research conducted by Bosch and the Neo-Terran Front at several Ancients ruins sites in NTF-held space. The vessel came under fire from Shivan fighters shortly after its discovery by allied pilots and was ultimately destroyed.