Nankam Aeronautical

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The Nankam Aero. logo by MjnMixael

Nankam Aeronautical is a major supplier of GTVA fighters, producing many of the notable designs in service during the Second Shivan Invasion. Among the spacecraft developed by Nankam Aeronautical are the GTF Perseus, GTF Ares, and GTF Pegasus. Nankam Aeronautical were also involved in the creation of the an extremely powerful light reactor known as the NA-27f model. The reactor was installed on the GTF Ares and GTB Artemis D.H..

It is not known whether or not Nankam Aeronautical have any other projects, but given that many of the ships created by the corporation were extremely advanced, it stands to reason they have multiple secret projects already in the field or in the developmental stage.