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Fighter squadron: Not known

Description: Your mission is to find the last EA base in the system. As you approach the area a wing of Scorpions jump in. Scan of the area show a subspace node that was not known by regular GTVA forces. An Alexandria and Phobos Corvette are sent to secure the node. A number of Shivan bombers and fighters attack. Mission ends when they are in position.


Fast forward a bit, the EA is almost completely beaten out of Ross 128, except for one last bastion of resistance. Alpha wing is sent to patrol the location of the old GTI Riviera to look for any EA forces. What could possibly go wrong?


As you arrive you will find a single badly-damaged Lycaon in the debris field. As you approach, Shivan fighters will jump in. The station will surrender and ask Command to evacuate their survivors. While you are fighting off the Shivan fighters, a transport will dock and try to evacuate the station. The Scylla will jump in and attempt to destroy the station. Disarm it's beam cannons and ignore it - command will send in a pair of corvettes to finish off the Shivan corvette. Once the evacuation transport has departed, protect the Corvettes from Shivan bombers as they get in position around the newly discovered jump node. Prioritize Bheema wing of Nephilims. The corvettes are otherwise quite capable of defending themselves. Once they are a in position you will be cleared to return to base.



Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • 20 SF Scorpion
    • Shivore (4) *2 waves
    • Arjuna (4) *3 waves
  • 20 SF Scorpion
    • Shivore (4) *2 waves
    • Arjuna (4) *3 waves

(*) Evacuated by GTVA

New equipment