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Operations is a campaign pack for The Babylon Project.

General Information

Operations includes three campaigns with two missions each. It was written, FREDded and released by Vidmaster. You and up to seven other players if played online assume the role(s) of loyal EA Elite Pilots. The campaign is packed as .vp file, which includes rebalanced single player versions of all missions. The campaign is fully voice-acted.


Operation Black Sun

The most difficult campaign in the pack. The story deals with EarthForce's attempt to capture a Centauri Warcruiser in secret, gaining access to the Centauri's advanced technology while remaining neutral in the Narn-Centauri War.

Operation Isolation

In Isolation, your task is to destroy two traitorous EarthForce vessels which sided with General Hague during the Battle of Io. These missions are a continuation of Mission 6 of the Fortune Hunters 2260 campaign. It is the easiest campaign in the pack.

Operation Suppression

Suppression evolves around cutting off the Proxima Rebels from their weapon supply transports, organised by a Brakiri Arms dealer. During this Operation, it is possible to kill various civilians if necessary.


Operations was largely ignored by the TBP players. Although downloaded roughly 800 times, feedback in the release thread was sparse. Version 2.0 fixed some bugs but got even less attention. Version 3.0, featuring rebalanced singleplayer is out now.


Release thread