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All information related to the PVCv Sobek is non-canon.
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The PVCv Sobek


Tech Room Description

Series Resurrecta Tech Description (HLCv Renenutet)

No confirmed information is available on this ship at this time. According to reports, this class is an extremely rare sight as only a handful of them have been encountered. It appears to be filling the gap between cruisers and destroyers, hence its classification as a 'corvette' class ship. Its seemingly advanced design and weaponry may be the result of Hammer of Light research on a previously unencountered Shivan warship with similar specifications, though all intelligence on this is highly classified.


  • Model by Oddgrim
  • Texture by Nyctaeus

Designer's Comments

A retexture of Oddgrim's Sobek intended to look more akin to FS1-era vasudan ships.



Name HLCv Renenutet
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 100 - 100 - 70 s
Max Velocity 30 (60) ms-1
Hitpoints 80000 pts
Length 582.51 m
Width 347.73 m
Height 237.82 m
Turrets 22 turrets


Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
Vasudan Huge Turret 4
Khersht 5
Vasudan Turret 11
Abui 2


Modding Resources

$POF File: SerRes_Sobek.pof
Texture list: SobekPVN;SobekDebris

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