Race for Altair XI

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In development since: June 1st 2007
Released: Still in Development

Mods included:

  • Currently no mod


As the 75th Blue Lions are travelling aboard the GTD Aquitane back to GTVA Space for their Heros Welcome, Vasudan forces attacked them. This event shocked the whole GTVA, and no clear explanation has been issued. The only way to uncover this is to Race for the truce. Now You, Alpha 1, is going to...

  • Rescue Admiral Petrarch
  • Attack and destroy the traitors
  • Save the Terran race once again
  • Find the reason of existence of the Vasudans and Terrans
  • Lead a new squad


It is going to take a long time to finish this, since school is priority 1. Also, storyline is going to be rewritten.

FREDder's Notes

  • June 10th: Started work on 1st mission
  • June 15th: Completed 1st mission
  • June 16th: Started work on 2nd mission
  • August 06th: Remaking 2nd mission

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