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Freespace Preferance

Favorite FS2r music: Ancients
Favorite FS2r fighter: GTF Erines
Favorite FS2r fighter weapon: Harpoon, Kayser
Favorite FS2r ship: GTD Orion
Favorite FS2r weapon: Flak, BFGreen, BVas

Favorite FS2m ship: GTD Orion Mark II
Favorite FS2m fighter: GTF Valkyerie Mark III

(r=Retail, m=mod)

Campaigns by User

User description

A great time and mind for creation and imagination. Enjoys staring at the Beams firing, and once he got into it, he ain't gonna do nothing. He is also quite lazy though, as from the listed Campaign above, he slacks off. There are tons of other campaigns which never made it to completion.

Comments on User

  • "A person who likes to give description to various entities." -Selectah
  • "Updating the old" -omertian