Realm of the Guardians

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Description: The Ancients begin a counteroffensive against the new enemy in Verbek.


The Sopul fleet is about to launch a counteroffensive in Verbek through the Vocruar jump node. The Arkalochori-class corvette Apodoulou participates in the attack, and is almost destroyed by Shaitan bombers. Due to the involvement of the Akrotiri's fighter and bomber wings, the Ancients manage to destroy Shivan cruisers and a Moloch-class corvette while suffering minor casualties. The Akrotiri arrives in the system after the battle.


Though this mission is meant to be assault, I actually suggest you take the Phylaki with one bank of Pharnec and one bank of Crete.

The Cains aren't much of a threat, so attack the fighters and sentry guns instead. Soon, some Shaitans will jump in, who will tear apart your corvette if you don't take them down quickly. As soon as you've finished with the bombers, help your wingmen is disarming the Moloch.