A New Adversary

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Description: The player's first combat encounter with another new adversary soon to be exterminated like the Aesdherians.


Though victorious, a new threat has emerged not too far away from the Aesdher system. The Shivans are attacking the Knossos portal in the Verbek system, and three fighter wings of the Apesokari are deployed to face this new adversary. The Shivans are trying to dismantle the portal with Shaitan bombers, escorted by numerous wings of fighters. The dogfight is ostensibly dominated by the Ancients; however, one warrior takes note of the Shivan fighters' resilience. The arrival of the SD Vassago, the first Shivan destroyer-type vessel, did not change the outcome, as it was easily eliminated by the Odigitria-class destroyer Koumasa.

This triumph gave little reason for the Ancients to view the Shivans any differently than the races the Empire exterminated beforehand. Fleetmaster Im'Halus ends his debriefing with "A brighter dawn awaits us."


This mission is essentially a big dogfight, flavored with a warship duel.

The Shaitans and Nephilims that attack the Knossos aren't a great threat to the Knossos, so don't march towards the bombers if there are fighters that can possibly surprise you. When the Vassago arrives, destroy the bombers that it launches. The Vassago will soon be destroyed and the RTB will be issued.