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Campaign for The Babylon Project.

General Info

  • Author: Slasher
  • Number of missions: 4


While the campaign draws much of its background from the fourth season of Babylon 5 it should be pretty friendly to those who are new to either the mod or the series it's based on. This mini-campaign is four missions and should take about fifty to sixty minutes to beat depending on your difficulty. Some situations may reward a more cutthroat approach to your playing style. You already start out flying for the bad guys' side, so if you're feeling confident start using those pulse guns. Good luck!

Player Comments

VIDMASTER SAYS: This campaign draws ideas from some popular RPG-like mods for games like Warcraft 3. However, having an open hub-level which may give you additional rewards for the missions to come is still a rather new concept in FreeSpace or TBP.

Relic's missions tend to be very long and therefore difficult to finish and the story, while interesting, is hurt a bit by its short length.

Also, the inclusion of BRIGHT CAPITAL LETTER FLASHING ACHIEVEMENTS is unnecessary in my book.

My summary: Relic executes interesting new concepts big time, features a good voice acting, and is an overall fun experience. Its few shortcomings are easily overlooked while having fun.

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