SSD Bhaal

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All information related to the SSD Bhaal is non-canon.
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SSD Bhaal

The SSD Bhaal is a user-made Shivan superdestroyer with four heavy beam cannons on the front. One of the coolest shivan asset ever released, Bhaal was one of the most important models for now defunct Earth Defence mod.


Earth Defence - Tech Description

The Bhaal is the greatest threat to the survival of the GTVA. It wields four massive flux cannons which can destroy one of our capital ships in a few hits. These same cannons have been seen bombarding colonized worlds. With eight full fighter squadrons and a massive array of defensive turrets, the Bhaal would be extremely difficult to destroy in a normal situation.

We have no way of knowing if there is more than one Bhaal-class destroyer. However, any that exist should be considered more dangerous than a Class A threat.

Developer Notes

A first shivan capitalship with modelled hangarbay.

Name origin

Baal - 17th century goetic occult writings one of the seven princes of Hell. The name is drawn from the Canaanite deity Baal mentioned in the Hebrew Bible as the primary god of the Phoenicians.

Credits List

  • Original Concept - Lukasz159k
  • Modelling - Nighteyes
  • Textures - FreeSpaceKing
  • Model and mapping fixes, conversion, tables, compilation - Nyctaeus



Type Superdestroyer
Manufacturer Shivan
Maneuverability N/A
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 15.0 s
Max Velocity N/A ms-1
Max Afterburner Velocity N/A ms-1
Armor 400000
Hitpoints N/A
Shields N/A
Length 4381.5 m


Earth Defence
Turret Type Amount
Shivan Megafunk Turret 10
Shivan Turret Laser 23
Standard Flak 11
LRed 4

Veteran Comments

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I can describe it with a single word - a terror. With 4 large beams in spinal configuration, this powerfull vessel is able to eliminate any terran or vasudan destroyer in a single volley. A very well polished gem. This is one of the prettiest shivan warship ever made. FSK texturing skills should be worshipped here.

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