STTQ Broodlord

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STTQ Broodlord


Wings of Dawn Tech Room Description

The only known class of Cordi capital ship is designated the Cordi Mothership. Armed with a variety of weaponry including flak guns, pulse cannons and slashing beams, the Mothership appears to lack dedicated ship-to-ship weaponry. Falling into the cruiser category, the 500-meter long warship most often serves the role of forward carrier, bringing large numbers of Soldiers and Warriors to the front lines, deploying them rapidly through its six hangar bays, earning the name of Hiveship amongst pilots who've flown against it.

Like other Cordi craft, the Mothership appears to be plated with a variety hardened organic carapace. The carapace is resistant to solid projectiles, but burns quickly under sustained fire from energy-based weaponry.

Credits List

  • Model by Spoon

Name Origin

A Broodlord is a type of Zerg in StarCraft II.



Name STTQ Broodlord (Mothership)
Type Cruiser
Max Velocity 20 ms-1
Armor Organic Carapace
Hitpoints 150 000 pts
Shields 15 000 pts
Length 500 m
Turrets 24 turrets


Default Statistics
Turret type Amount
Light Railgun 7
Pulse Weapon Cap 14
Cordi Flak 4
CordibeamHeavy 2

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