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Fighter squadron:
Description: The GTA has located the headquarters of the GTI.


Reconnaissance has uncovered the location of GTI's primary base of operations, the Jotunheim. Details concerning the strength of the garrison remain sketchy. GTA will launch an immediate, all-out offensive and deploy reinforcements as soon as possible.
Failure is not an option. The GTI conducts weapons research on the Jotunheim, so be prepared to engage exotic prototypes with unknown capabilities.


If you have chosen to fly a bomber, avoid dogfighting. If you sit in the center hole of the Arcadia station, you can still fire off Harbingers at the Jotunheim, and nobody will attack you. When the Jotunheim is about to give up the ghost, the Hades jumps in. Just ignore her until you've taken out the Jotunheim. If you have chosen to fly a fighter, simply focus on hostile fighters and cover your dozen or so wingmen as they pummel the Jotunheim and subsequently the Hades. The Hades will spit out seemingly endless waves of Lokis, but there is a sweet spot where they won't attack you. Position yourself in the elbow of one of the engine supports of the Hades and let her have it. You may want to rubber-band your trigger, time-compress the game and come back later after a cup of tea/pack of cigarettes, because it takes forever to kill the Hades with your primaries (this tactic will make you the statistically most accurate pilot that has ever lived). She will go down, though. You can not fail this mission.

If you choose to dogfight without exploiting the above "bug," stay close to the bombers, who they'll stick around the engines for most of the fight. Keep engaging the nearest hostile fighters. That's enough to keep them alive. Your wingmen are competent without you giving them orders. In this mission, it's critical to keep as many wingmen alive as possible. Don't attack the escape pods yet, despite your orders. They won't go anywhere.

If the Hades goes down, engage your afterburners as brutally as you can—the Hades's explosion is huge.


"Jotunheim" is Norwegian for "giants' home" and appears as such in Norse mythology.

Notable ships present

  • GTC Orff
  • GTD Hades
  • GTI Jotunheim