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Fighter squadron:


Reconnaissance reports heavy Shivan traffic through the Beta Aquilae jump node. Our mission: Shut them down.
Your wing will patrol this area and engage any hostiles. Seek and destroy.


At mission start there's no hostiles. In about 30 seconds a Shivan convoy will jump in. The convoy consists of a Cain, 8 Manticores and 4 freighters. Initially focus your efforts on eliminating the Manticores. When the fighter wings are eliminated, order all your wingmen to attack the Cain.

Engage and eliminate the freighters while your wingmen are eliminating the Cain. Keep an eye on the Cain's hull integrity; with the Cain eliminated, your wingmen will let loose on the freighters, most likely destroying the cargo in the process. In order to avoid this, order your wingmen to depart immediately after the Cain is eliminated. You can easily eliminate the 4 transports yourself.

Alternatively, you only need to order your wingmen to ignore the Mephisto-class freighters. Allow them to fire on the larger freighters, as they will probably not damage the cargo. The smaller freighters, though, are so small that your wingmen will probably kill the cargo along with the freighters. Deal with these yourself once all fighters are down.


Do absolutely not destroy the cargo. Also, make sure the friendly freighters have secured it before you jump out. That's it.

Notable ships present

  • GTFR Paris
  • GTFR Priam
  • GTFR Hector