Shattered Stars: A Deepness Within

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Shattered Stars: A Deepness Within is an upcoming standalone mod by Bryan See.

General info

Author: Bryan See


  • Teaser Demo: 2 (branching, 4 missions total)
  • Act 1: TBA
  • Act 2: TBA
  • Act 3: TBA
  • Act 4: TBA
  • Act 5: TBA


  • Brand new Shivan ships, including existing ones
  • New race
  • A completely new setting and universe, loosely based on the universe depicted in the 2018 Mortal Engines film adaptation of the 2001 novel of the same name by Philip Reeve.

Status: Released 14 December 2018 (Teaser Demo), Unreleased (Acts 1-5)


  • Recent FreeSpace 2 Open Nightly Revision build
  • A highly decent PC


Shattered Stars chronicles the carnage left in the wake of the apocalypse wrought upon by the Shivans. The cosmic destroyers are in complete control of the galaxy and the entire universe. Many alien races soon start challenging their authority, and the resulting war will alter the course of cosmic history forever.

Player comments

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