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About ME

This user has been editing FreeSpace Wiki for a year.

Hey. I'm See Dunsheng Bryan, although you can call me as Bryan See. I'm a member of the HLP forums since March 2009 and a new wiki member on here, primarily as a result of being among the first to really get involved in this incarnation. I did a lot of the first contributions on the wiki like many other newbies. I'm the project leader and primary FREDder for FreeSpace: Reunited, a radically different concept from NFSRacer and Soren; my FREDding traces back as far as 2000 when I got a retail version of FRED2 (which has a lot of bugs than the latest FRED2_Open).

(More or less copied from Black Wolf)

My Work

On FreeSpace Wiki

Some clean up.


  • FreeSpace: Reunited: This mod aims at merging the universe of FreeSpace with the one of BattleStar Galactica; the latter set more than 150,000 years before the FreeSpace games (and its associated mods and campaigns) take place.
  • Shattered Stars: This mod aims at not only merging the universe of FreeSpace with the one of Mortal Engines; the latter set approximately 1400 years after the FreeSpace games and its associated mods and campaigns, but also gives a logical epilogue to Blue Planet, itself a conclusion to the FreeSpace saga.
  • Untitled TC mod project: This mod is akin to Dimensional Eclipse, but it has a more realistic tone in terms of setting, look, and feel.


Icon Descriptions

The following icons are used throughout this page to describe various aspects of the mods in question.

UMS-WH.png - HTL or High Poly model
UMS-WU.png - UV Mapped model (Does not use tile maps)
UMS-WN.png - Normal Mapped
UMS-BC.png - Cockpit
UMS-RI.png - Incomplete (Pof errors, Lacks a table file, etc.)

Please note - the addition of icons is an ongoing process as of July 2012, and all ships may not yet be accurately tagged.

Copied from User-made Ships.

User-made ships