Shuttle Mark I

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The following information relates to the fan-made FS2_Open game Diaspora, based on the Battlestar Galactica universe.
The Shuttle Mark I.


Diaspora Tech Room Description

The Mark One Colonial Shuttle has been in the service of the Colonial Defence Fleet for over fifty years. This shuttle is renowned for its reliability, despite its lack of grace and speed. The Mark One has sufficient cargo capacity to transport and deploy a Landram light vehicle. During the first Cylon war, it was often used to support marine operations, in addition to carrying out regular personnel and light cargo ferrying assignments. The Colonial fleet has slowly been replacing the Mark One with the newer, more capable Mark Two shuttle over the past five years. However, due to the sheer number in service, these shuttles are expected to remain in active service within the Colonial Fleet for years to come.

Credits List

  • Model and textures by Newman.



Name Shuttle Mark I
Type Transport
Max Velocity 60 ms-1
Hitpoints 3000 pts
Length 21.1 m
Turrets 0 turrets

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