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The Wings of Dawn Universe Portal
A map of known starlances.
LSF ships warping in from subspace.

Subspace travel is the most common way to travel long distances in a short time. Entering subspace is done by rupturing normal space. Once inside subspace, a constant amount of energy has to be expended in the front of the ship to 'plow' through normal space. The distance a ship can travel in this fashion is determined by how long its generator can keep up and by how efficient the jump drive is.

A Starlance is like a subspace highway between stars. Entering subspace through a starlance only requires the energy cost of entering subspace but no energy is required to stay in subspace. Once inside, a ship can remain there for an indefinite amount of time.

In theory it is possible to create an artificial Starlance but it would require a device that is able to rupture space over a long distance for an extended period of time. Additionally, it is theorized that at least two such devices would be required, one at each entry point.

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