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This is a very nice page and tells a lot about cutscenes. I'd like to add something about landing and take off cutscene sequences since I consider myself a veteran of this kind of cutscenes(I designed a lot of them in Steadfast). I found this page a bit unappropriate to add landing/take off sequences, however. What do I need to do? Change the mission concept to display a few fighters or bombers taking off or landing? - Mobius

  • You can change the concept, if you think you can, without messing up the flow of the article. If that doesn't work, I suggest a new page which will be linked to in a "See also" section of this article. - TopAce 11:38, 29 September 2008 (CDT)
  • I'm thinking of creating another page but it'll be hard for me to get some pics. I'll let you know. - Mobius