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Snail's horrible mistake

This one needs to be deleted. Snail changed by (correct, I may add) page settings for Lost Generation-related articles(disambiguation, campaign, FS2) and led to some sort of mess. "Lost Generation" should be a disambiguation (instead of "Lost Generation (disambiguation)", created by Snail, which doesn't work) while "Lost Generation (FS2)" should be about FS2'a Lost Generation and "Lost Generation (campaign" should be about Orph3u5 new campaign. I tried to solve this issue, but looks like I don't have enough powers to do that. --- Mobius

What the <bzzt> are you on about? Why should Lost Generation, the origin of the term be the sub-page? The way I have arranged it is fine. The only problem is the disambiguation page. - Snail 19:34, 9 April 2009 (UTC)