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Research based article?

Although the article is the result of research, it does have certain characteristics which are typical of fan-made articles: Pseudocanon and Apocryphal validities are given by the writer's interpretation. Another fan may interpret those as inconsistencies and nothing else without creating any hierarchies (we know that Volition's last node map is supposed to override the others). At this point, why wouldn't this article have the recently removed template? It does not show the point of view of the FreeSpace community as a whole. Basing a research on canon does not make the result of the research canon, especially if the content is sorted according to the writer's own ideas. --- Mobius

  • The purpose of this page is to point out differences in canon sources. That's all it's doing; there's no editorialization involved. It's emphatically not an opinion piece; that should be reserved for something like the editorials from VolitionWatch. You may disagree with the label "pseudocanon", but that's simply shorthand for "canon sources conflict". It's much clearer to use shorthand then write the whole explanation everywhere. - Goober5000 02:26, 29 June 2009 (UTC)


Further study into the topic has provided enough evidence that Talania was NEVER a canon star system. There is, at the very least, no evidence for it, the lack of a node map containing it being the biggest bit. At best, Talania as a star system is a concoction of various campaign builders and an overactive imagination. I apologize for making a big deal out of this. -- Eishtmo

There is indeed evidence for it - see the Leviathan FS1 tech entry: "...production was started up again after the defeat at the Talania system..." At the very least, we know it exists. Unfortunately we have no further information on what or where it is. -- Goober5000

A nodemap created for the campaign series Cardinal Spear and Cardinal Spear: Vega (1999) was designed to match the appearance of the Volition nodechart. However, the notion that the Talania system exists in the same sense as the Jovian system is an idea that has become more accepted. This would mean that Talania would be a planet in a system at the front of the V-T war, either Beta Aquilae, Antares, or Vega. -- Ace

"More accepted"? I don't think so; I don't think the majority of people care one way or the other. We seem to be the only three people with any more than a passing interest in finding out more about it. ;) Regardless, nowhere in Freespace is the term "system" used to refer to a planet with moons; it's always used to refer to a star with planets. Therefore if Talania exists, it's a star system, not a planet. -- Goober5000

  • Indeed, a "system" usually denotes the entire solar system, not a single planet. Sometimes, however, the celestial bodies surrounding our own dear, celestial neighbour Jupiter is sometimes referred to as "the Jupiter system". That being a bit beside the point; even if the elusive pre-FS1 (or otherwise) node map cannot be recovered or re-introduced, the fact remains that Talania is, indeed, mentioned and therefore canon. Where this mystical system would reside on the canon map seems to be anybody's guess at this point. As the Volition Network paid a visit to the V HQ in, what, 1999(?) -- meaning that they do at times entertain their fans -- there seems to exist a remote possibility of actually contacting the V staff for clarification. Has this ever been done? --Selectah 04:04, 26 January 2007 (CST)
    • Not to my knowledge. There's nothing preventing us from sending an email though. --Goober5000 19:10, 27 January 2007 (CST)