The Return to Ross 128

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Fighter squadron:
Description: Investigation of GTI Activity in Ross 128


We have set course for Ross 128, site of the first Shivan contact. GTI operatives have been active in this system, and we must investigate. Your mission will be to inspect the wreckage from the original Shivan assault.
Ross 128 is currently under Shivan control. There are no other Terran forces in this system. You will need to complete your mission quickly. Scan the wreckage and return to base.


As you jump in, you'll find 7 wings of fighters, 2 Leviathans, and 1 Lilith in a heated battle. Don't let all those wings make this mission any harder than it needs to be. Make sure you are firmly stopped, tell all your wingmen to form on your wing, and furiously sit there. The Shivans and the GTI will slug it out, with the GTI ultimately winning. However, the Lilith will knock out a lot of GTI fighters, and by the time that the Lilith is gone, the GTI will usually have no more than 6 fighters left.

Predictably, simply raid the remaining fighters and pound on the severely weakened cruisers to complete the mission.


Despite its imposing name, the mission does not reveal anything of vital importance—in other words nothing—about the mysterious events that took place at Ross 128.

Notable ships present