The Sagitta Project

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  • Bob-san: Storyline, playtesting, voice-acting, modeling.
  • Mobius:FREDding, playtesting.

Mods included: Custom "The Sagitta" mod pack

Number of Missions: TBA (includes most of Act 1 of the original FS2 campaign)


The Neo-Terran Rebellion was set off from multiple directions. Admiral Aken Bosch had secretly resurrected the Etamnanki Project (shortened to the ETAK Project) and started the Rebellion. Armed with knowledge and support, Adm. Bosch prepared to counter every GTVA measure and make contact with potentially-hostile Shivans. However, unbeknown to the GTVA, Adm. Bosch's rebellion stemmed much deeper then suspected. The Rebellion could forever change the fate of humanity upon the launch of a revolutionary ship—the Sagitta. With the powerful ship, will Adm. Bosch be the victor?


FreeSpace Open required. Contents will be packaged in several VP files, to be dropped into a folder in the root directory.

FREDder's Notes

The campaign is designed to be played on Insane mode—meaning that the game will likely be too easy on any lesser difficulty level. The campaign is fully-branching, meaning that there will be more than one line to play through. The campaign will most likely be released in several stages.

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