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This info was done by NFSRacer himself.

Background Info

I'm still a bit new to Hard-Light but I'm getting there. One thing that I can say about myself is that I'm a person that likes to combine different ideas into one. I've always enjoyed doing that, and if I make something, I prefer to get feedback about that creation so I can improve it later. I've also got a profile on the HLP Forums named "RazgrizLead" (or so I think; I haven't been on in a while).

FREDing Skills

FRED2 is a program that I'm also trying to get used to, but I agree that it is easy to use. Even at that, I still troubleshoot problems that I come across in and mission I make.

Modeling Skills

I haven't made any POF models yet (aside from importing them to other mods), but, in my upcoming mod FSR, I am going to have to make several new models for it, which (HOPEFULLY!!!) won't take too much time to do.


For information on my mod, please visit FreeSpace: Reunited.

One thing that I can say about it, we almost descided to name it "FreeSpace: UNITED", which would give it the false impression of a football-type game.