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The Yehio are a sentient race native to the Erydai system. As the Yehio were beginning to embark on early stages of global industrialization, they were discovered by the Cyrva. The Cyrva felt a need to protect this developing species from the dangers of the universe, quickly disarming the Yehio and 'guiding' them peacefully, effectively turning them into a client state.

Disagreement on the Cyrva's part on whether this choice was ethical led to escalating tensions, and eventually to the outbreak of the Doctrine War, the first civil war in Cyrvan history. Consequently, this led to the militarization of Cyrva space and the formation of the Cyrva Star Armada.

Tidbits from the "Ask a crew member" thread

These informations come from persons in the Wings of Dawn universe, so they might contain a personal bias. The links go directly to the post, in which the information was provided.


  • The Yehios appearance is birdlike, though they lack feathers. According to 1st JGASF Lt. Crystal Is'va Dertanya they share a few characteristics with Earth's extinct pterosaurs. Despite that resemblance, the Yehio cannot fly.[1][2]
  • They are between 150 and 170 cm tall.[3]
  • On average a Yehio lives for around 150 terran years.[5]

Culture and Society

  • The Yehio have a great talent for learning new languages. With barely any contact between the two species, the about 80% of the Yehio are already fluent in Terran basic.[6]
  • The average Yehio is quick to anger, though once their friendship is gained, they are very loyal.

Planets and Places

  • The Yehio Homeworld is dominated by mountains. Most of it is rather cold and windy.[7]