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The heroes of Wings of Dawn: the chosen few to whom so many owe so much.

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Official Profiles


Okay, we lied, there was some fanservice here after all.
  • Name: Celesia "Tempest" Ezer
  • Age: 26
  • Birth planet: Harcon III
  • Species: Terran
  • Sex: Female
  • Rank: Sub-Lieutenant

Born in a family full of mercenaries and bounty hunters, Tempest was taught about the importance of money from birth. However, the need for mercenaries has been in a steady decline ever since the Terran-Cyrva war ended 61 years ago. That's why Tempest opted to break with family tradition and joined the military instead.

A cheerful person, she is fond of playing jokes on others. Her hobby is to write stories (which are rarely ever finished) and make drawings to go with the story.

Tempest's comments on fellow pilots:

"Misuzu huh? She is fun to hang around with, a bit odd at times though. Makes me wonder if she does it on purpose. Have you seen her room? It's filled with model kits, no wonder she never had any luck with men, nyoho〜. Why does she outrank me anyway? It's not like she needs the money."
"That old geezer...not too much to say about him. He's a capable wing commander which makes it really hard to pull any pranks on him..."
"You know that saying, 'The more pure they are, the more fun it is to corrupt them?'... you don't? Hmmm, well anyway it applies to her. Silvie is a really kind-hearted girl, not that great of a pilot but a great target for all sorts of gags. Why? Because she is so naive! It's fun."
"Too serious, way too serious! The only thing he has going for him is that he is also from the Harcon system."
"For some reason I find it hard to approach her. When she looks at me with those blue eyes, I often just forget what I was going to say."
"Oooooh anger issues! Is the first thing that comes to mind. As the saying on the holonet goes, 'What a wonderful person to troll.'"
"I'm always surprised he manages to get himself into the cockpit, he's such a big guy. I wonder if he ever took hold of the wrong joystick, if you catch my drift... I got to write that one down."
"Ah yes, we have such a person too, huh? Eeehh... I've got nothing."


  • Name: Silvie "Kunoichi" Freescape
  • Age: 20
  • Birth planet: Lyrae Prime
  • Species: Terran
  • Sex: Female
  • Rank: Sub-Lieutenant

Kunoichi's background was filled with mundane events, leading a normal social life, a normal school life with no friends and a normal family. Then someday she decided that she was fed up with being 'just normal' and not being noticed by anyone, so on a whim she decided to hang out with the 'special' crowd by being one of the first to study on a joint Terran-Cyrva academy. She succeeded passing the entrance exams, but soon discovered that she was still a 'normal' person in a special academy. Sick of this, she gathered all her courage and walked up to a group of students in an attempt to socialize and make friends. But because nobody noticed her walking up on them, she managed to startle everyone by 'popping up out of nowhere', which quickly got her the nickname of 'female ninja' aka. Kunoichi.

Kunoichi's comments on fellow pilots:

"Ah... well... she is really special. Nice in her own way I suppose."
"He's our dependable older brother, always willing to listen when something is bothering you."
"You have no idea how hard she made my life back at the academy...being her roommate for several years was a hellish experience... She once made an elaborate trap, involving a smoke bomb and my bed... Then she accused me of being a useless ninja because I didn't disarm it before going to bed! I bet she forgot she had to sleep in the same room when she made that trap..."
"He's kinda scary... S-Sorry, that was a terrible pun. I don't like how he shows so little respect toward Crystal. He is a rather amazing hacker though."
"I really look up to her, she is so kind and brilliant in everything she does. I feel I really got lucky with her as my commander."
"She is really aggressive at times so I try to avoid her as much as possible..."
"He looks really intimidating, but he is actually a really nice person. Usually really calm and a logical thinker. I think Misuzu is the only person that has actually managed to annoy him to some degree."


  • Name: Daniel "Justice" Hawkings
  • Age: 38
  • Birth planet: Librae Prime
  • Species: Terran
  • Sex: Male
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Justice grew up on Librae Prime, fascinated with planes and spaceships as a young boy. He decided that he would become a fighter pilot, or die trying. He reached his goal at the young age of 18 but instead of finding thrilling, adrenaline pumping action, he encountered the reality of a military in peace time. Endless training drills and patrol missions. He stayed with the military for the paycheck and slowly worked his way up to Lieutenant Commander. He married when he was 24 years old, had a son and then a daughter. Justice fights in the war not for the thrill, but to protect his family back in Librae.

Justice's comments on fellow pilots:

"Capable and surprisingly dependable pilot. A bit more military discipline wouldn't hurt though. I can't help but wonder if her hair is naturally that spiky, but I never really got around asking her about it."
"She really tries her best and will slowly get better with experience, I'm sure. She just needs a bit more confidence in herself."
"It's amazing how some people fit a certain stereotype, Tempest upholds the image of being a capable, but money-hungry pilot from Harcon III. But for some reason I get the feeling she doesn't like me much..."
"Oh Junior? Like Tempest he fits the stereotype. But if you look past his big mouth and his bigot opinions, he is a fine person. His flying skill is roughly on the same level as that of Tempest."
"Granted, I never had much contact with Cyrvans before, so when I first met Crystal I was surprised that such a young person would be granted command of a whole battlegroup. But then I soon learned that she is actually four years older than me. Turns out Cyrvans always have such a youthful appearance and start to show age when they are several hundred years old or so. That was an eye opener."
"Really big mouth but lacks the flying skill to make true her claims. So I decided to devote a few special training sessions to have her direct all that aggression toward the enemy instead of her own team."
"Great drinking buddy and probably the only person in the LSF I can't drink under the table. Also a solid pilot that can assess the situation with a calm mind, which provides a good counter force to the other hotheads in the JGASF. I think I'll put him up for promotion soon."
"I don't think anyone can really figure her out. She is just... there. She never seems to pay attention in the briefing but is always perfectly aware of what needs to be done and just doesn't seem to need any orders. Crystal assured me however, that she should not be taken as a representative for the Cyrvans coming from Cyrvana, and that she is just an oddity."


  • Name: Dawn Crossfire
  • Age: 19
  • Birth planet: Luna
  • Species: Terran
  • Sex: Female
  • Rank: -
Dawn trolling some space elves.

Dawn is an introverted girl who can be surprisingly sarcastic at times.

Because she wasn't particularly good at anything (which frustrated her), she volunteered for brain alteration at the Lunar Corps, which came with a chance to become a pilot. The change was significant. Her reflexes, intelligence and sharpness increased dramatically, easily passing the piloting tests. She actually started to have fun being a pilot. Enjoying receiving praise for good accomplishments. However an accident happened on her first mission, the UEU Explorer and its escort wing entered the Starlance to Tauri, but never came out on the other side. Dawn has been listed as missing ever since.


Misuzu without helmet.png
  • Name: Misuzu Stella
  • Age: 21
  • Birth planet: Earth
  • Species: Terran
  • Sex: Female
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade

Misuzu is a happy-go-lucky girl that has little care in the world, and is like a bomb of energy and cheerfulness. She loves fighters, mechs and has a hobby of collecting figures and models of them. She's also a great fan of old, obscure sci-fi shows, anime and has a habit of using quotes from them, which usually only confuses those around her.

Misuzu comments on fellow pilots:

"Easy going nice guy. If he wasn't already married I would go for it hehe〜
You know I was just kidding about that right?"
"Kind girl, but for some reason she seems to be avoid me... I wonder what is up with that?"
"Celesia and I always have a lot of fun together, she really needs to get over her money obsession though, it can't be healthy."
"Does it sound too mushy if I say that she is my best friend? I think she just loves me back in her own kind of way."
"She's not all that bad if you get to know her a bit better."
"Why does it seem like he is only mean to me?"
"You know how some Cyrvans can see a bit into the future? I wonder if Luna can do that. She always seems to be staring off into the distance. I tried to have a conversation with her a few times, but somehow they always turns weird after a few sentences."


  • Name: Zeraf "Scar" Moreta
  • Age: 20
  • Birth planet: Harcon Prime
  • Species: Terran
  • Sex: Male
  • Rank: Sub-Lieutenant

Scar grew up on Harcon Prime, where the hate for the Cyrva still glows like embers after a raging fire. Why exactly he joined a joint academy, he won't tell. Perhaps he is looking if there is any truth to the hateful stories he heard on his home planet?

Scar refused to give any comments on his fellow pilots.


  • Name: Rin "Milkshake" Aeaa
  • Age: 24
  • Birth planet: Vega II
  • Species: Terran
  • Sex: Female
  • Rank: Sub-Lieutenant

Milkshake had been a fighter her whole life. Her mother died when she was only seven years old and it had a profound impact on her. She had gotten into more fights at school than she can remember. Eventually she decided to join the army, at least there her aggression would have a use. However the new 7th fleet in Vega did not exactly have a personnel shortage, so she decided to try at the joint academy in Abyss instead.

Milkshake's comments on fellow pilots:

"Those special training sessions he gives me are a pain, he always treats me like a little kid. That aside, he is a pretty good guy.'"
"Ugh, will she ever stop whining about things?"
"Because of her twisted sense of humor, she is always provoking me. Some day I'm going to smack her in the face, hard."
"He bitches and moans a lot, but he is a decent guy really. We get along."
"I had more or less expected Cyrvans to be more arrogant. Perhaps she is just a bad example?"
"Personally I think that goof ball behavior of her is an act, and she is just asking stupid questions to make conversation. Then again I could be wrong and she really is a doofus."
"He's okay I guess. Reliable at least."
"The Moon around Earth right? Eeh, no? Oh, that other pointy-eared pilot we have around here? Oh so that's her name, huh?"


  • Name: Hecton "Axe" Ferde
  • Age: 28
  • Birth planet: Tauri II
  • Species: Terran
  • Sex: Male
  • Rank: Sub-Lieutenant

Grew up in the high-G mining environment of Tauri II, Axe developed into a large muscular man who can crush an apple with one hand. His family has always been in the spaceship building business, Axe knew about the basic workings of ships before he could write. He has often been described as a reliable person, one you can trust with your back every time.

Axe's comments on fellow pilots:

"Competent wing commander, and a good friend."
"Kind girl that always tries to give her full hundred percent."
'No comment...'
"I think he can come a really long way if he can change his attitude a bit."
"Everything I would imagine a space elf to be."
"Again, no comment, though I wonder why she doesn't have a nickname yet."
"Should get off Kunoichi's case, that aggression should be channeled toward the enemy."
"I had some really interesting conversations with her. She gave me some interesting insights on the culture of the Cyrva. I can imagine why other people have have trouble approaching her though."


  • Name: Crystal Is'va Dertanya
  • Age: 42
  • Birth planet: Cyrvadia
  • Species: Cyrva
  • Sex: Female
  • Rank: Lieutenant

Crystal comes from a family with a long history in the CSA. Her 450-year old father was part of the Crusader fleet that invaded LSF space during the Terran-Cyrva war, and told Crystal many stories of the CSA. When Crystal grew older she became more and more interested in Terrans and jumped at the chance of being in a joint fleet with them.

Crystal's comments on fellow pilots:

"I feel like I got lucky when they assigned Justice to the JGASF. He's about as levelheaded as Terrans come."
"Seems a bit too eager to please everyone, but is otherwise a fine girl."
"For some reason she seems to shy away when I try to talk to her. But she doesn't seem that restricted toward other people. I wonder why."
"Well it's clear that he has some prejudice against my people, and I hope I can prove him wrong. Aside from that he is a good pilot and a skilled computer hacker."
"He's... huge... I don't think I've ever seen a male that large. He is kind of a gentle giant really."
"You know how she first introduced herself? She said she was 'Polish nobility'. I wasn't really sure what that was but I was secretly happy that my roommate wasn't your average person. But then the next day she changed her story and claimed she was of Japanese descent instead. And the next day it was something else again. So when I asked her why she kept changing her story, she just gave me that big grin of hers and told me not to mind it. Turns out she was just testing how well I would catch onto jokes. Well... I learned she sure isn't an average person... I really wish she would stop groping me at random!
Thinking back of it, it wasn't even funny... Darn that girl and her weird sense of humor."
"She lacks a bit of self-control and sometimes, I get this feeling she is expecting something of me..."
"Sigh... She really is an impossible person... thankfully there are more Cyrvan crew members around, otherwise I would almost start feeling lonely."


Bubbles. ^o^
  • Name: Luna Yda'je Claiyer
  • Age: 39
  • Birth planet: Desa
  • Species: Cyrva
  • Sex: Female
  • Rank: Lieutenant

Luna as a person is hard to pin down, nobody can predict how she is going to react to certain things. The crew of the Guardian Angel have often described her as being hard to talk to.

Her eyes are "a deep wonderful purple."

Luna was not available for any comments.

Unofficial Profiles


  • Name: Unknown
  • Age: 10,000+
  • Birth planet: Unknown
  • Species: Aleyurian Artificial Intelligence
  • Sex: Male(?)
  • Rank: Unknown

Infi (also known as Computer, Computron, Computer100 or Interfacer) was the integrated artificial intelligence contained within the Prometheus frame. After a 10,000 year period of dormancy, Infi was reactivated due to Dawn interfacing with the vessel. Despite being an artificial intelligence, Infi had a distinct personality of his own, and quickly formed a close bond with Dawn. Despite his protests to the contrary, this bond may have been more than professional in nature.[neutrality disputed]


Indisputably the hottest space elf in the galaxy.
  • Name: Isa'emarl Dertanya
  • Age: 62
  • Birth planet: Cyrvadia
  • Species: Cyrva
  • Sex: Female
  • Rank: Commodore

Crystal's enigmatic sister, Isa, has thus far appeared only in supplemental material. She has exhibited a calm, collected personality.


  • Name: Johan Sturmritter
  • Age: unknown
  • Birth planet: unkown, but somewhere in the Ravi system.
  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Male
  • Rank: Captain

A pilot in the 10th LSF Fleet, Lightning is the main protagonist and player-character in the mini-campaign Stranded. Due to the death of his superiour, he got a battlefield promotion to Captain and the appointment as wing leader right before Stranded starts.


  • Name: Alisa Strogov
  • Age: unkown
  • Birth planet: unkown, but somewhere in the Ravi system.
  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Female
  • Rank: unkown

When asked about her nickname she answered that under the rule of the UEU someone from her family decided that "the 'noble Strogov family line' should distinctly different from the commoners" and had the whole familys genes tweaked so that all their descendents were born with silver hair. Wether the "noble" in her comment means that her family really was nobility, or just her being sarcastic about them being influential people thinking they were something better isn't known. At the start of "Stranded" she's a pilot in the 10th LSF Fleet, based on the Champion class carrier Dauntless and under the command of Captain Johan "Lightning" Sturmritter.


  • Name: Sylphia Revils'mehil
  • Age: 186
  • Birth planet: unkown
  • Species: Cyrvan
  • Sex: Female
  • Rank: unkown

Sylphia is a "Deepseeker", Cyrvan infiltration units operating deep in enemy terretory to conduct forward surveilance or sabotage. While she is always polite (for a Cyrvan anyway) and helpfull towards Terrans, she does occasionally drops slightly condescending remarks like calling them "cute" or "little", as if they were children. She's flying a AWACS vaient of the CSA Aestival R6


  • Name: unknown
  • Callsign: Liuzqo Derfa
  • Age: unknown
  • Birth planet: Unknown
  • Species: Zy
  • Sex: Male
  • Rank: Unknown

The true name of this ace pilot isn't known, but his combat call-sign translates roughly as "Eater of many hearts". He earned that title during the Hertak invasion into Zy space, when he went up against three Hertak Ravager fighters all by himself and came out victorious. After defeating the trio of fighters, he gathered up the corpses of his slain foes, ritually slaughtered them and ate their hearts. Despite his many victories against the invaders, he was unable to avert the Zys defeat and thus became enthralled by the Hertak. After his species was enthralled, he ended up as an ace pilot, hunting down especially dangerous enemies for the Hertak, who seem to give him a lot of freedom to conduct his search for "worthy prey".

He's flying a Spectre fighter.