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All information related to the ACa Akrotiri is non-canon.
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The ACa Akrotiri is a massive user-made Ancient warship. It was originally named ASD Thera and created by Bobboau as part of his Ancient ships project. The model was first included in Inferno Release 1 with its current name, and it has since been used in several unrelated mods to represent a warship of Ancient origin or another non-GTVA faction.

In The Procyon Insurgency, the Akrotiri is classified as a juggernaut instead of a carrier, and in Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius, the Akrotiri is re-skinned and used as the Vishnan Sacred Keeper.

The ACa Akrotiri, as seen in Inferno Release 1.
The AJ Akrotiri, as seen in The Procyon Insurgency.
The ACa Akrotiri, as seen in the Ancient-Shivan War.
The Vishnan Sacred Keeper in BP.


Inferno Release 1 Tech Room Description

The massive Akrotiri was originally thought to be a juggernaut, but the number of fighters it has been seen to deploy made Allied Command reconsider their designation. A supercarrier with several heavy and super-heavy cannons, as well as a formidable array of pulse turrets and missiles, it requires the full attention of a squadron of Jotun bombers or a capital ship to assist

The Procyon Insurgency Tech Room Description

This massive juggernaut was encountered at the end of the PCA insurgency in early 2369, just as Admiral Dasmar shut down the newly discovered Knossos portal in Procyon. Allied forces took down the warship despite sustaining heavy losses. The exact specifications of this vessel have been classified Level Phi.

Ancient-Shivan War Tech Room Description

The Akrotiri class carriers are the crown gem of our fleets, each one revered with pride. These massive warships, monoliths spawned from times of the past, can carry countless fighters and bombers into battle, and the carrier's armour and size is incredible. The massive cannon mounted on the underbelly provides it the means to annihilate anything that foolishly opposes it. A true masterpiece, the mere sight of this ship assures everyone that they are safe, even in the darkest of times. The lead ship of this class is currently serving in the Sopul fleet, while more are nearing completion.

Blue Planet Tech Room Description (Vishnan Sacred Keeper)

These Vishnan capital ships are found to be leading Vishnan strike groups. ETAK-type transmissions intercepted from this vessel have led analysts to conclude that these ships act as a communications hub for lesser ships in the fleet. Destruction of these vessels leave their escort vessels powerless and impotent. They are some of the most powerful capital ships we have ever encountered, rivalled only by the Shivan Sathanas juggernaut.




  • INFR1
Type Super Carrier
Manufacturer Ancients
Max Velocity 35
Hitpoints 3 050 000
Width 1560 m
Height 1248 m
Length 5725 m
  • ASW
Name ACa Akrotiri
Yaw, Pitch, Roll 350 - 350 - 300 s
Max Velocity 35 (45) ms-1
Hitpoints 400000 pts
Length 5542.36 m
Width 1667.69 m
Height 1274.25 m
Turrets 43 turrets
Fighterbays 1


Inferno Release 1 The Procyon Insurgency Ancient-Shivan War
Turret Type Amount Turret Type Amount Turret Type Amount
LRABeam 3 BFBlue 1 Ancient Super Cannon 1
BABeam 4 BBlue 2 Wrath Missile 4
SABeam 2 AAAA 12 Ancient Cannon 8
Unknown AAA 8 Ancient Mini Cannon 6 Pharnec 8
Unknown Turret 22 (8x2) Ancient Turret 10 Ancient Light Turret 22
Unknown Missile 4 Ancient Small Turret 11

  • Vishnan Sacred Keeper
Default Statistics
Turret Type Amount
LRABeam 1
Vishnan Huge Turret 4
Vishnan Pulse Turret 4
Vishnan AAA 12
Vishnan Turret 14
BABeam 2
Vishnan Primary 6


Modding Resources

  • ASW
$POF File: Akrotiri.pof
Texture list: ACap05;acap06;acap01;damage;acap03;Akrotiri;gatea1;gatea2;gatea3

  • Blue Planet
$POF File: Vishnan_Sacred_Keeper.pof
Texture list: acap01;Vgatea1;damage;acap06;acap03;Vgatea3;Vgatea2;acap05;akrotiri;aexhaust;blueline

Veteran Comments

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This is probably the most-used large ship that resembles the Ancients, or otherwise another powerful space-faring species. In Blue Planet, it is used as the Vishnan Sacred Keeper, and in The Procyon Insurgency's campaign, it is designated a juggernaut thought to be of Ancient origin. Despite its size, armaments and hull strength, this vessel can move as fast as the NTF Iceni (based on its original INFR1 statistics), which in turn is the fastest canon Terran warship ever constructed.

The biggest threat of the Akrotiri is that super-huge forward-firing beam cannon mounted on its underside, which can obliterate most destroyers with a single shot. Both Blue Planet and The Procyon Insurgency have demonstrated the power of this weapon. A battle tactic, used by the Shivans in Blue Planet, and the Vasudans in The Procyon Insurgency, is to concentrate a huge amount of beam fire on this particular cannon, rendering it inoperable and making the Akrotiri more akin to an Ancient "Lucifer", with lots of hitpoints but terrible capital ship defences. The disabling of this cannon has apparently become a running gag across all campaigns and mods that include the Akrotiri in their ship table files.

The model features a number of trenches that turn into short tunnels, which in the original model had reactor subsystems placed at the end of each. The idea was for there to be a mission with a number of Death Star-like trench runs to disable the ship.

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