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*[[SJD Sathanas]]
*[[SJ Sathanas]]
*Multiple fighters
*Multiple fighters
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Fighter squadron: 222nd Nightwolves

Description: Rescued and resuscitated, Sam must lead a desperate strike against the oncoming Sathanas.


The GTD Orestes battle group has scattered in order to prevent the Sathanas from annihilating it in one blow. Multiple attacks have stripped the juggernaut of its fighter compliment.


Zeta wing will provide fighter cover. Disarm the forward beams and then assist in the destruction of the Sathanas If a fighter is giving you trouble, target it with 'R', then order Zeta to attack it.

Be sure to stand clear of flak fields and avoid the firing arcs of AAA beams.

You can use 'v' to target the turret under your reticle. This assists with selecting the forward beams.


It is possible that this Sathanas is the alternate equivalent of the first Shivan juggernaut the Alliance encountered in the nebula...or it may be a different vessel entirely.

Total number of forces

Forces involved

  • GTVA 14th Battlegroup
  • Multiple fighters