Battle of the Wilderness

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Fighter squadron: 134th Barracudas

Description: The 134th protects a convoy carrying the prototype TAG missile and tests the functionality of the GTA Charybdis in the nebula.


Alpha wing of the 134th Barracudas is assigned to guard two transports carrying the prototype Target Acquisition and Guidance (TAG) missile system to a rendezvous point with the GTCv Warspite, deep within the nebula beyond Gamma Draconis. The GTA Lucidity provides AWACS support and its usefulness in combat is evaluated in this mission.


This is a long and boring mission. The swirling gases of the nebula make combat difficult, so pick your shots. Don't be afraid to use your secondaries; a double bank of GTM Harpoons can be put to good use here.

The convoy you are tasked to defend consists of the Erinpura and Vauban, both Triton-class freighters. A short distance behind them, the Lucidity, a Charybdis-class AWACS, provides long-range sensor support.

At least one of the freighters must survive in order to complete the mission. You can allow the cargo to be destroyed, as the mission script will not recognize that it was lost. It is unlikely that the cargo will be destroyed in any case, as the Shivans target the freighters directly. The Shivans will use fighters and a few bombers to attack the convoy. As always, prioritize bombers before fighters.

The SC Malor, a Cain-class cruiser, will also attack the convoy. The Cain class is the weakest of all Shivan cruisers, so you won't find it difficult to destroy. In addition, the Cain's main gun appears to be locked, so it probably will not pose too much of a threat to the freighters or to your wingmen. Try to destroy the cruiser's anti-fighter beam to give you and your wingmen an easier time taking her out. Once the two freighters have reached the GTCv Warspite, the mission is complete and you may return to base.

If things get too hot, a wing of Medusa bombers are at your disposal. Call them in if the freighters are in danger of being destroyed by the Malor, which is unlikely if you act fast enough.

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(*) Beta and Zeta wings are reinforcements the player can call in at his discretion

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Technical information

Battle of the Wilderness
File name: SM2-01.fs2
File size: 61.1 KB
Author: James Agay
Total number of objects: 30 (+4 waypoints)
Total number of wings: 7
Number of mission events: 38
Number of messages: 22
Event music: 5: Deuteronomy
Briefing music: Brief1