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{|- cellpadding="8" style="background:#000000;" align="center"
{|- cellpadding="8" style="background:#000000;" align="center"
| [[Field of Destruction|Previous Mission]]
| [[Field of Destruction|Previous Mission]]
| [[Freespace 1 Campaign Walkthroughs#Silent Threat|Campaign Walkthrough]]
| [[Silent Threat Campaign Walkthrough]]
| [[The Return to Ross 128|Next Mission]]
| [[The Return to Ross 128|Next Mission]]

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Previous Mission Silent Threat Campaign Walkthrough Next Mission


Fighter squadron:


GTI fighters have disabled the Krios! Vital systems going critical! Return to base pronto!


When you enter the operational theatre the Krios will be at 10% integrity, and will have launched all eight escape pods. Three hostile wings -- Bragi, Buri and Hrid -- will be present. Eliminate these quickly. In order to keep as many of the escape pods alive as possible, ascertain which pod is nearest the jump node and subsequently order your wingmen to protect it.

When the pods are close to the node a wing of hostiles will jump in, followed by a Leviathan cruiser. Focus on eliminating the fighter wing. When the wing is eliminated, focus your efforts on the cruiser. This way you will draw her fire and allow the pods to escape unscathed.


Note 1: you can not save the Krios. She will self destruct 25 seconds into the mission, no matter what.

Note 2: you will not be awarded for saving all eight escape pods. Only one will need to make it to the node.

Notable ships present

  • GTD Krios
  • GTC Vidar