Frankenstein's Monsters

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Fighter squadron: 222nd Nightwolves

Description: The Duke is a ghost ship, but Samuel Bei isn't the only one curious about its presence.


The newcomers have the answers to your questions - but first, the Duke must be defended from a Shivan threat.

The status of the crew of the Duke portends the presence of a new force - one that Sam is unwittingly familiar with.


Both Iwakura and Tell will accept your commands. Ordering them to defend the Duke is one option, but moving out to engage the Shivans may give you more time to destroy fighters and bombs. The Duke will not assist you (given that its crew is comatose), but you can use its bulk as cover.


The ships flown by the Sanctuary pilots are uglies, vessels cobbled together from the parts of existing Freespace designs.

If you die and replay, you can use time compression to fast-forward through the dialogue at the beginning of the mission.

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