Wounded Prey

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Fighter squadron: 222nd Nightwolves

Description: The pursuit of the GTC Duke reaches its conclusion.


The GTC Duke entered the Laramis jump node and fetched up in the N362 system, with Alpha Wing of the 222nd Nightwolves, comprising you, Taylor and Corey, pursuing.

During the transit, you write another entry into your personal log, questioning the Duke's motives for entering N362 and reflecting once again on the absence of GTVA Command as well as the strangeness of seeing the GTD Minnow and Shivans in star systems where they should not be. You also note power fluctuations from the Duke, which you believe to be a symptom of imminent reactor failure. You begin to wonder if the crew of the Duke deserted out of insanity rather than insubordination and admit that you are now beginning to feel that the 14th Battlegroup is in the wrong universe.


This is a Red Alert mission, so your missile count and any damage incurred from the previous mission will carry over.

The Duke strained its jump drives to the limit in its mad dash through Delta Serpentis, Ross 128, and Laramis. The ship now lies disabled. The jump into N362 scattered Alpha wing, however, leaving you with the unpleasant duty of boarding the ship alone and ascertaining the status of its crew.

Approach the Duke and press Alt-A. If this keypress does nothing, check your key bindings under Options, and simply press whatever is bound to the 'Autopilot' command. The only other way to move further into the campaign is to kill yourself five times.


  • Many Blue Planet players entered this mission with alternate key bindings and found themselves briefly stymied by the directive to 'press Alt-A' to board the Duke.

Total number of forces

Forces involved
  • GTC Duke

(*) Actual ship type is based on previous mission selection
(#) Ship ordnance and damage values are carried over from previous mission



Note: this mission starts at 10 mins 53 secs