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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the following storylines:

  • Freespace 2


  • This is a listing of every warship (cruisers, destroyers, etc.) and uniquely named fleet support ship (freighters, transports, etc.) that appear or are referred to in FreeSpace 2. This includes all ships from the FS2 main campaign and every official (Volition) multiplayer mission. Also included are a few notes on each ship and the missions(s) in which it appeared . An asterisk (*) denotes information that is not explicitly stated anywhere, but is likely true based on other events in the campaign. Some support vessels do not have unique names, instead using standard wing names (e.g. Omega) or simply the names of their ship classes. These have not been included in the list. Also, some missions underwent revisions in which aspects of the ships used were modified. For example, the Chamos and Rahab were Rakshasa cruisers in the original M-02 but were changed to Moloch corvettes in M-02b. In such cases, the latest version of the mission will take precedence.

  • Made by CP5670
  • February 24, 2004

Galactic Terran-Vasudan Alliance (GTVA):

  • Terran ships
    • GTVA Colossus has been included as Terran
    • Knossos artifacts have been included as Terran

Rebels (NTF and HoL):